Kragga Kamma cheetah escape attempt, outmatched by Peter and 5 Zambian chess fans

5 Zambian Chess Fans (from Sweden originally) were terrified by 6 fast moving cheetahs that attempted to escape through the security access at the Kragga Kamma cheetah camp – 3 of the cheetahs even managed to move through the first gate! This was an African highlight – The rhinos at 20 meters and buffalo 1 meter from my tour vehicle paled into insignificance. Kragga Kamma Game Reserve was BIG!!

              cheetah at Kragga Kamma Chess Group

Swedish Zambian Family visit Kragga Kamma            Cheetahs in “secure entrance” at the cheetah camp

Kragga Kamma buffalo S

Beautiful Buffalo grazing at Kragga Kamma

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