2013 goes out in a blaze of Firsts

It may be the last week of 2013, but SA Guided Tours has enjoyed yet more 1sts.  Keep touring with us (literally or from your arm-chair) and you’re bound to have fun!

Silver Wind Cruise Liner
The Silver Wind enters PE harbour

Passengers on the Silver Wind, the Fontein family were our 1st tourists from Reunion.  A City Tour gave them glimpses of PE’s highlights, and they loved their day on shore.

Fontein Family at Pearson Conservatory
The Fontein Family outside the Pearson Conservatory

For Mark Strachan and Kirsty Evans, tourists from Glasgow, the Township Tour provided a different vibe. Supporting local business, Mark became Zwayi Barber Shop’s 1st ‘white’ customer, while Kirsty looked on.

Township Barber Shop
KwaZakhele Entrepreneurs at work.
A haircut in Zwayi Barber Shop
This haircut will long be remembered – along with the Township Tour.
Kirsty watches as Mark's hair is cut
Kirsty also enjoyed the experience.

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