Best way to end to the year – A Wild Coast Meander

A trip to the Wild Coast is a well known panacea for the rat race. BUT an SA Guided Tours tour delivers more than the norm.

  • Beaches – beautiful or rugged – are a given, as is the iconic Hole-in-the-Wall.

what about seeing a 2nd, ‘Baby’ Hole-in the Wall?


  • Fabulous accommodation and cuisine is pleasing.


what about including a more gratifying stay at Bulungula Lodge (acclaimed by   Lonely Planet and UK Guardian as one of the best Eco-Lodges in the world)?  The community of Nqileni village owns 100% of the lodge and is an integral part of daily life there.


  • One is used to solar power

what about ‘rocket power’ in the Forest Shower for an exhilarating ablute?


Just a few days away on this meander through the rolling hills, imbibing the placid pace of rustic life,  will leave one ready to face all the hecticity that the New Year can bring.


Best wishes to all for the  Festive Season and  high hopes for a tremendous 2017!