Reflections . . .

Sometimes when looking back over pictures from recent tours one is struck by themes which pop up unbidden. Our recent vastly different tours to the Wild Coast and to Steytlerville provided 2 such themes: Textures: Sand, wood, rock, vegetation, water, sky – Nature’s  juxtaposition of texture is simply magnificent. And sometimes Man adds yet another … More Reflections . . .

The Karoo – blue skies by day, bright skies by night!

Those who dismiss the Karoo as simply a semi-arid wasteland are missing some of SA’s most fascinating attractions. Among the natural are the awe-inspiring rock formations of Meiringspoort or the Valley of Desolation,  which contrast with the vast plains and typical Karoo flat topped koppies. The hardy vegetation survives against all odds and is remarkably varied. The fauna … More The Karoo – blue skies by day, bright skies by night!

Best way to end to the year – A Wild Coast Meander

A trip to the Wild Coast is a well known panacea for the rat race. BUT an SA Guided Tours tour delivers more than the norm. Beaches – beautiful or rugged – are a given, as is the iconic Hole-in-the-Wall. BUT – what about seeing a 2nd, ‘Baby’ Hole-in the Wall? Fabulous accommodation and cuisine is pleasing. … More Best way to end to the year – A Wild Coast Meander

Different Travel Modes

You may not have either the desire or the opportunity to vary your mode of travel – but SA Guided Tours delights in showing you the variety on offer.  These 3 from tours during the past few weeks.

Majestic lady of the seas.

This is a fortnight for Cruise Liners – Yesterday saw Queen Elizabeth dock, today we have Silver Cloud, then it’ll be Boudicca, Sun Princess and Insignia in close succession. And so too, we have an influx of visitors who are always blown away by Port Elizabeth (an oft overlooked gem of the SA ports) and surrounds .