PE City – 2 Hour Special

Price upon request – 2 hours

Depart from accommodation to Nelson Mandela University Campuses.

Visit Humewood Golf Course

Drive via Summerstrand towards the beachfront area, passing the  Piet Retief Memorial, Hobie Beach, the blue flag beach at Humewood, The Boardwalk Casino, Shark Rock Pier, Bayworld, Kings Beach and McArthur Pools.

Thereafter we drive to the city, passing the Port Elizabeth harbour, the Campanile and the Railway Station.

We stop in the City Centre at the Library, Old Post Office, Feather Market Hall and City Hall.

We view the first Opera House, Cathedrals, Portuguese Monuments, the Reserve Bank door as well as Govan Mbeki Ave.

On top of ‘The Hill’ we stop on the Donkin Reserve to see the King Edward Hotel, Grey Institute, Donkin Street and the view over Algoa Bay. We Experience Route 67 and follow part of the Donkin Heritage Trail.

Next it’s on to No 7 Cuyler Street and Fort Frederick and then we go into St George’s Park Cricket Ground, visit the Pearson Conservatory and the P.A Guard Memorial.

After stopping at Settlers Park, we continue via Grey High School, P.E Golf Club, Greenacres, the Industrial Area & Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

En route home we pass the Horse Memorial and travel on the freeway via South End and the Apple Express Station.


This tour will reveal the history and places of interest in the city area of Port Elizabeth. A perfect  orientation trip.

We begin with the Bushman people who roamed the area long before the Portuguese first landed here in 1488. We discuss the Boers, who entered the area next, followed by the British and the Xhosa.

The 90 years of bloody Frontier Wars (Wars of Dispossession) are also discussed on this tour.

We then explore the colonial architecture downtown and discover the green spaces of Port Elizabeth.

The journey culminates in a view of the 2010 Mandela Bay Soccer Stadium and a glimpse of the industrial area.